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Richard S. Briggs

Academic Bibliography

(1) Books – Monographs

2021    The Lord is my Shepherd: Psalm 23 for the Life of the Church (Touchstone Texts; Grand Rapids: Baker Academic), forthcoming

2018    Theological Hermeneutics and the Book of Numbers as Christian Scripture (Reading the Scriptures; Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press)

2010    The Virtuous Reader: Old Testament Narrative and Interpretive Virtue (Studies in Theological Interpretation; Grand Rapids: Baker Academic)

2001    Words in Action: Speech Act Theory and Biblical Interpretation (Edinburgh: T&T Clark & New York: Continuum)

Books – for a general readership

2019    Jesus for Life: Spiritual Readings in John’s Gospel (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books)

2011    Reading the Bible Wisely. An Introduction to Taking Scripture Seriously (Revised edition; Eugene, OR: Cascade Books) – originally published in 2003 as Reading the Bible Wisely (London: SPCK & Grand Rapids: Baker Academic)

Books – Edited:

–––      New Song. Biblical Hebrew Poetry as Jewish and Christian Scripture for the 21st Century (edited with Stephen D. Campbell and Richard G. Rohlfing jr; Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press), forthcoming

2012    A Theological Introduction to the Pentateuch: Interpreting the Torah as Christian Scripture (edited with Joel N. Lohr; Grand Rapids: Baker Academic)

(2) Essays in Edited Volumes

2021    ‘Premodern Interpretation and Contemporary Exegesis’, in Bradley Gregory and Ian Boxall (eds.), New Cambridge Companion to Biblical Interpretation (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press): forthcoming

2021    ‘Discerning the Ways of God Beyond Israel: Joseph, Daniel, and the Spirit in Dream Interpretation’, in Ronald Herms, John Levison and Archie T. Wright (eds.), The Spirit Says: Inspiration and Interpretation in Israelite, Jewish, and Early Christian Texts (Ekstasis, Religious Experience from Antiquity to the Middle Ages 8; Berlin: De Gruyter): forthcoming

2021    ‘The Ostrich and the Sword: Reading the City-Lament of Lamentations intertextually with the Wilderness Wanderings of the Book of Numbers’, in Brittany N. Melton and Heath A. Thomas (eds.), Reading Lamentations Intertextually (LHBOTS; Bloomsbury T&T Clark): forthcoming

2021    ‘Virtue and Torah: The Character of the Instructed Reader’, in Volker Rabens, Jacqueline N. Grey, and Mariam Kamell Kovalishyn (eds.) Key Approaches to Biblical Ethics. An Interdisciplinary Dialogue (Biblical Interpretation Series 189; Leiden: Brill), 195-217

2020    ‘Reading the Historical Books as Part of the Primary History’, in Brad E. Kelle and Brent A. Strawn (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Historical Books of the Hebrew Bible (New York: Oxford University Press), 323-38

2018    ‘Sarajevo and the PopMart Lemon: The Fractured Form and Function of U2’s Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death’, in Scott Calhoun (ed.), U2 and the Religious Impulse: Take Me Higher (Bloomsbury Studies in Religion and Popular Music; London: Bloomsbury Academic): 75-86 and 209

2016    ‘A Mosaic Picture of Leadership: Faithfulness and Failure, Command and Character, in Old Testament Perspective’, in Patrick Nullens and Steven C. van den Heuvel (eds.), Challenges of Moral Leadership (Christian Perspectives on Leadership and Social Ethics 2; Leuven: Peeters): 97-109

2015    ‘What is a Doctrine of Scriptural Inspiration For? A Dialogue with Carlos Bovell’, in Carlos R. Bovell (ed.), Biblical Inspiration and the Authority of Scripture (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock): 32-43

2015    ‘Constructing the Bible’s Readers: From “Thin Descriptions” to “Thick Portraits”’, in Régis Burnet, Didier Luciani and Geert van Oyen (eds.), Le Lecteur. Sixième Colloque International du RRENAB (BETL 273; Leuven: Peeters): 69-92

2015    ‘The Zeal of Readers in Defence and in Dissent: Phinehas’ Spear, the Covenant of Peace, and the Politics of Hermeneutics’, in R. Timothy McLay (ed.), The Temple in Text and Tradition: A Festschrift in Honour of Robert Hayward (Library of Second Temple Studies Series 83; London: Bloomsbury): 113-39

2013    ‘Biblical Hermeneutics and Scriptural Responsibility’, in Stanley E. Porter and Matthew R. Malcolm (eds.), The Future of Biblical Interpretation: Responsible Plurality in Biblical Hermeneutics (Milton Keynes: Paternoster): 36-52 & 140-44; and (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic): 51-69

2013    ‘“I Perceived in the Books”: The Portrait of Daniel as a Spiritual Student of Scripture’, in Andrew T. Lincoln, J. Gordon McConville and Lloyd K. Pietersen (eds.), The Bible and Spirituality: Exploratory Essays in Reading Scripture Spiritually (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books): 111-27

2013    ‘“The Rock was Christ”: Paul’s Reading of Numbers and the Significance of the Old Testament for Theological Hermeneutics’, in Stanley E. Porter and Matthew R. Malcolm (eds.), Horizons in Hermeneutics: A Festschrift in Honor of Anthony C. Thiselton (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans): 90-116

2013    ‘On “Seeing” what God is “Saying”: Rereading Biblical Narrative in Dialogue with Kevin Vanhoozer’s Remythologizing Theology’, in Roger Kojecký and Andrew Tate (eds.), Visions and Revisions: The Word and the Text (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing): 29-42; also in an expanded version in Southeastern Theological Review 5.1: 61-82

2012    ‘The Book of Genesis’, in Richard S. Briggs and Joel N. Lohr (eds.), A Theological Introduction to the Pentateuch: Interpreting the Torah as Christian Scripture (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic): 19-50

2012    Editorial contributions to Richard S. Briggs and Joel N. Lohr (eds.), A Theological Introduction to the Pentateuch: Interpreting the Torah as Christian Scripture (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic). With Joel N. Lohr: ‘Introduction: Reading the Pentateuch as Christian Scripture’: 1-18; and with Nathan MacDonald ‘Walter Moberly’s Contributions to the Theological Interpretation of the Pentateuch’: 177-85

2012    ‘Hermeneutics by Numbers? Case Studies in Feminist and Evangelical Interpretation of the Book of Numbers’, in Andrew Sloane (ed.), Tamar’s Tears. Evangelical Engagements with Feminist Old Testament Hermeneutics (Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications): 65-83

2010    ‘The Bible before us: Evangelical possibilities for taking Scripture seriously’, in Tom Greggs (ed.), New Perspectives for Evangelical Theology. Engaging with God, Scripture, and the World (Oxford: Routledge): 14-28

2009    ‘The Hermeneutics of Reading Genesis after Darwin’, in Stephen C. Barton and David Wilkinson (eds.), Reading Genesis after Darwin (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press): 57-71

2008    ‘Speech-Act Theory’ in David G. Firth & Jamie A. Grant (eds.), Words and the Word: Explorations in Biblical Interpretation and Literary Theory (Nottingham: Apollos): 75-110

(3) Journal Papers: Academic

2020    ‘“So They Say”: An Experiment in Reading Curse, Lament and Persona in Psalm 109’, Glass 33: 55-61

2020    ‘Who Can Read Wisdom? The Implied Virtues of the Readers of Wisdom’s Narratives’, Expository Times 131: 536-44

2020    ‘A Test-Case in Ascriptive Realism: The Quest of the Historical Daniel and its Complex Relationship to the Practices of Scriptural Interpretation’, Journal of Theological Interpretation 14: 41-59

2020    ‘“A Table in the Presence of My Enemies”: “Songs of Descent” from Psalm 23 to U2’s Pop”’, Glass 32: 50-55

2017    ‘The Christian Hermeneutics of Cranmer’s Homilies’, Journal of Anglican Studies 15: 167-87

2017    ‘The Eclipse of Daniel’s Narrative: The limits of historical knowledge in the theological reading of Daniel’, Scottish Journal of Theology 70: 264-77

2015    ‘Křesťanská etika a násilí ve Starém zákoně: hermeneutická svoboda a etická kontroverze’, (‘Christian Ethics and Violence in the Old Testament: Hermeneutical Freedom and Ethical Offence’), Theologia Vitae 5.2: 247-62 (in Czech)

2015    ‘Bölcs Bibliaolvasás A Teolớgiai Hermeneutika Kontextusában’, (‘Reading the Bible Wisely in the Context of Theological Hermeneutics’), Credo (Quarterly of the Lutheran Church in Hungary) 25/3: 29-38 (in Hungarian)

2015    ‘New Directions in Teaching Scripture to those Training for Ministry’, Theology 118: 250-57

2015    ‘Biblical Hermeneutics and Practical Theology: Method and Truth in Context’, Anglican Theological Review 97: 201-17

2015    ‘Lost (and Found) in a Textual World: The Experience of Reading the Bible and David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest’, Glass 27: 44-50

2014    ‘“These are the Days of Elijah”: The Hermeneutical Move from “Applying the Text” to “Living in its World”’, Journal of Theological Interpretation 8.2: 157-74

2012    ‘The Bible as Augmented Reality: Beginning a Conversation’ [with Pete Phillips], Theology and Ministry: An Online Journal 1: 2.1-10

2012    ‘Reading Daniel as Children’s Literature’, Biblical Reception 1: 235-46

2011    ‘How to Do Things with Meaning in Biblical Interpretation’, Southeastern Theological Review 2: 143-60

2011    ‘Scripture in Christian formation: Pedagogy, reading practice and scriptural exemplars’, Theology 114: 83-90

2010    ‘Humans in the Image of God and Other Things Genesis Does Not Make Clear’, Journal of Theological Interpretation 4: 111-26

2009    ‘Juniper Trees and Pistachio Nuts: Trust and Suspicion as Modes of Scriptural Imagination’, Theology 112: 353-63

2009    ‘Reading the sotah Text (Numbers 5:11-31): Holiness and a Hermeneutic Fit for Suspicion’, Biblical Interpretation 17: 288-319

2009    ‘The Methodology of Hermeneutical Research Programmes in Biblical Studies: Some Insights from the Work of Imre Lakatos’, Heythrop Journal 50: 109-15

2007    ‘The Role of the Bible in Formation and Transformation: A Hermeneutical and Theological Analysis’, Anvil 24: 167-82

2006    ‘The Theological Function of Repetition in the Old Testament Canon’, Horizons in Biblical Theology 28: 95-112

2006    ‘What does Hermeneutics have to do with Biblical Interpretation?’, Heythrop Journal 47: 55-74

2004    ‘Gender and God-Talk: Can We Call God “Mother”?’, Themelios 29: 15-25

2002    ‘The Implied Author and the Creation of the World: A Test Case in Reader-Response Criticism’, Expository Times 113: 264-70

2001    ‘The Uses of Speech-Act Theory in Biblical Interpretation’, Currents in Research: Biblical Studies 9: 229-76

(4) Major Reference/Dictionary Articles

2021    ‘Biblical Criticism’, in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2015—), published online March 25, 2021. doi:

2017    ‘The Historical Books’, in Adam J. Johnson (ed.), T&T Clark Companion to Atonement (London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark): 543-46

2015    ‘Hermeneutics and Interpretation’, in Robert A. Segal and Kocku von Stuckrad (eds.), Vocabulary for the Study of Religion (3 vols; Leiden: Brill): vol 2: 159-66

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2005    ‘Speech-Act Theory’, in Kevin J. Vanhoozer et al (eds.), Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic & London: SPCK): 763-66

(5) Review Articles

2021    ‘Review Article: An Appreciation of William Brown’s Handbook to Old Testament Exegesis and the Pedagogical Challenge of Teaching the Old Testament’, Theology and Ministry: An Online Journal 7: forthcoming

2014    ‘Review Article: Using the Bible in Practical Theology (Zoë Bennett)’ [with Zoë Bennett], Theology and Ministry: An Online Journal 3: 7.1-9

2010    ‘Review Article: Christian Theological Interpretation of Scripture Built on the Foundation of the Apostles and the Prophets: The Contribution of R.W.L. Moberly’s Prophecy and Discernment’, Journal of Theological Interpretation 4: 309-18

2008    ‘A Grateful Outsider Reads “Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology”’, Mishkan 57:  45-54

2007    ‘Review Article: Perspectives on Scripture: Its Status and Purpose’, Heythrop Journal 48: 267-74

Also many other academic reviews in Ecclesiology, Evangelical Quarterly, European Journal of Theology, Expository Times, Heythrop JournalLiterature and Theology, Review of Biblical Literature, Society for Old Testament Study Booklist, Studies in Christian Ethics, tbr, Theology, Theology and Ministry: An Online Journal, Vetus Testamentum and other journals.

(6) Booklets and Other

A range of popular and semi-popular writings including:

(6.1)    Mediating research to wider audiences:

2016    ‘Judges 11.28–40’, in Kate Bruce and Jamie Harrison (eds.), Wrestling with the Word: Preaching Tricky Texts (London: SPCK): 64-70

2014    ‘Becoming a Spiritual Reader of Scripture’, in The Bible and Spirituality (themed issue of the Bible Society’s ‘The Bible in Transmission’): 8-10

2010    ‘Reading the Bible Well: A Question of Virtue? Biblical Narrative and Interpretive Virtue’, The Reader, 107/3: 6-7

2003    ‘Getting Involved: Speech Acts and Biblical Interpretation’, Anvil 20: 25-34

(6.2)     Contributions to Grove Books’ Series of booklets (Cambridge):

            B = Biblical series;  S = Spirituality series

2021    Spiritual Reading: Bible Reading as a Spiritual Discipline (S159): forthcoming

2020    A Spiritual Reading of the Book of Jonah: On Being Turned Upside Down (S154)

2020    Hallelujah! How to Praise God from the Hallel Psalms (113–118) (B95)

2015    Fairer Sex: Spiritual Readings of Four OT Passages about Men and Women (B77)

2011    Why Read the Old Testament? (B60)

2010    Reading Isaiah: A Beginner’s Guide (B55)

2006    One God Among Many? (B42)

2001    Gender and the New Testament: Six Proposals for Interpretation (B21)

(6.3)    Other short books written for a general audience:

2021    Genesis 12–50 (Really Useful Guides; Abingdon: Bible Reading Fellowship), kindle edition

2008    Living for God (with Melody Briggs; Carlisle: Piquant Editions)

2005    Light to Live By: How to Interpret the Bible (Bletchley: Scripture Union)

(6.4)     Creative writing:

2021    Not of This Worldview: Poetry for the Kingdom Among Us (Durham: Sacristy Press)

1999    It’s Been a Quiet Week in the Global Village (London: Triangle/SPCK)

Updated: May 2021